Friday 5 October 2012

Velis auto brightness changelog

4.65.234 (09.09.2017)

  • Fix for crashes in Androids < 5 (sorry)
  • Fix for direct sunlight issues
  • Fix for widget graph getting cleared
  • Fix for Android 8 notification

4.65.233 (27.08.2017) 

  • Fix for very high sensor values (direct sunlight) 
  • Fix for excluded apps sensor value override (high value) 
  • Fix for profile button menu colours

4.65.231 (21.08.2017)

  • Fix for Samsung glitch in excluded apps detection
  • Fix for settings mode
  • Fix for notifications freezing under full sunlight
  • Updated russian translation

4.65.226 (17.07.2017)

  • Updated italian language
  • Top activity check uses much less battery now (Android 5 and above)
  • Major remodel of internal workings. Also less battery usage
  • Setting: brightness update interval: Reduce number of updates which would reduce battery usage
  • Setting: Turn VAB on when screen turns on
  • Setting: enable direct sun screen brightness boost
  • (hopefully) more resilient service (should be stopped by system less often)
  • When change is applied from notification, it's not lost on reboot any more

4.57.215 (09.06.2016)

  • Minor fixes

4.57.214 (21.04.2016)

  • Default camera API back to V1 (V2 gave too much trouble)
  • Navigation drawer always open on wide enough displays

4.56.212 (21.02.2016)

  • Split settings to Basic, Advanced
  • Updated Russian language

4.56.210 (8.2.2016)

  • Fix crashes (wizard, theming)
  • Add support for Android Camera API v2 (might coexist with other camera apps better)
  • Updated Romanian language

4.55.207 (8.1.2016)

  • Fix for excluded apps in 5.0
  • Widget would report tasker content not purchased when it in fact was
  • Other minor fixes

4.55.205 (14.09.2015)

  • Some minor tweaks and fixes

4.55.204 (09.09.2015)

  • FIX: Excluded apps work on Android 5.1 and newer (requires special permission)

4.50.202 (04.9.2015)

  • VAB now works in lock screen on lollipop
  • Better superdim performance
  • Theming

4.21.194 (19.5.2015)

  • FIX: Excluded apps bug

4.21.193 (16.5.2015)

  • FIX: Users on lollipop with camera as sensor will now have brightness for lock screen set to Screen-on sensor value override instead of fixed 80%
  • Added setting for required number of touches (was fixed to 3) to refresh screen brightness when steady screen is on
  • Add setting for brightness when VAB turns off for excluded apps
  • FIX: Theming for buttons
  • FIX: RTL did not work on manually selected RTL language
  • FIX: new app install no longer shows the apply / cancel buttons

4.20.192 (22.4.2015)

  • FIX: Best I can get for lollipop lock screen (sorta works)
    My ultimate (and probably final) attempt at fixing lollipop lock screen. I have researched *everything* I could think of, nothing worked.
    There's no way that I know of that can properly handle this, so I made an extremely ugly hack: I used system AB for those that have it and set screen to 80% brightness for everyone else (those on cameras as sensors). I'm so angry at Google right now and their API breaking changes. :mad:  Total waste of my time, instead of adding semi-cool features, I have to slave around with this.

4.19.191 (21.4.2015)

  • FIX: Wrong overlay type after lock screen (various things didn't work)

4.18.189 (20.4.2015)

  • Yet another try at fixing lollipop lock screen
    • This should also fix issues for delayed camera first read after leaving lock screen
  • FIX: Additional brightness doesn't work
  • FIX: Notification removed from lock screen
  • FIX: Transparent icon removed from lollipop status bar

4.17.188 (15.2.2015)

  • Fix colours

4.16.187 (5.2.2015)

  • Fix unresponsiveness in lollipop

4.15.183 (26.1.2015)

  • Fix flickering lock screen on some devices
  • Fix notification text color

4.13.182 (23.1.2015)

  • Further fixes for lock screen

4.12.181 (20.1.2015)

  • Fix excluded apps in lollipop
  • Fix screen-on responsiveness when Lock screen is NOT among excluded apps
  • Fix screen-on override (sometimes didn't work)
  • Fix non-responsive auto-brightness in some situations
  • Fix crashes at app start

4.10.180 (18.1.2015)

  • Portugese by renatohm
  • Fix lollipop issues
  • Move to iab v3
  • Move to Android Studio
  • All images in app are now vector

4.01.177 (4.6.2014)

  • New translation: greek by pugsang
  • FIX: steadyscreen functionality now much more stable

4.00.175 (7.4.2014)

  • FIX: Notification didn't properly update confirm / cancel button when they were pressed
  • FIX: There were some crashes reported through play store. This fixes them

4.00.168 (6.3.2014)

  • When screen is touched, brightness is not updated for specified time (a new setting - also in wizard)
  • The above setting isn't active when VAB is frontmost app
  • Notification is updated at least every 5 seconds (is now more precise)
  • Unconditional additional brightness
  • Additional brightness accepts negative numbers (will decrease brightness)
  • FIX: Wizard back button now actually works + wizard page count fix
  • FIX: After wizard, settings screen is refreshed to show selected values properly

3.60.166 (24.2.2014)

  • Collapsible settings groups for easier navigation
  • Excluded apps memory and performance improvements
  • FIX: when sensor returned 0, some app functions didn't work correctly
  • FIX: Sometimes changing profiles didn't work correctly

3.60.164 (15.2.2014)

  • Added option to try and reduce erratic sensor readings in some devices (most notably SGS 3 and Note 2)
  • Turning off interactive notification for Android 4.3 and up is now a regular settings option
  • FIX: manual graph edit didn't work for many locales

3.55.162 (11.2.2014)

  • Menu key now opens menu
  • App titlebar now displays that there's a menu to be opened (and opens it)
  • Floating point lux values: much greater precision for low sensor readings
  • Some battery usage optimizations
  • Camera now respects grab interval setting
  • New language: dutch, thanks to Maardiweb

3.55.158 (7.2.2014)

  • Completely redesigned reading interpolator. Less battery usage, fixes a ton of smoothing-related bugs
  • FIX: If service is turned off, cameras will now stop reading
  • FIX: Stopping VAB now completely removes the overlay. Should reduce issues on some devices when VAB was on and still held the brightness

3.55.153 (11.11.2013)

  • Minor visual glitch fixes
  • Interactive notification - only show the buttons once a custom brightness is set
  • No notification option for Android 4.3+
  • Vietnamese by Vu Hien

 3.50.149 (1.11.2013)

  • User interface via fragments

3.15.142 (16.10.2013)

  • A fix for faulty EXIF records in some phone models
  • Chinese language by Jinran Lin

3.15.141 (8.10.2013)

  • Interactive notification
  • Launcher widget can now also render transparent

3.10.135 (23.6.2013)

  • Kernel sensor reader now safer + 0 reading is a valid reading
  • Main screen VAB on/off now properly reflects service state
  • Excluded apps now displays previously selected apps at the top of the list
  • Launcher widget text forced to white

3.08.133 (22.6.2013)

  • FIX: colors in excluded apps list would be strange on some phones
  • Overlay no longer destroyed on screen off to eliminate delay for screen-on
  • SGS 2 now has a kernel sensor reading mode which enables the entire sensor range instead of just 1, 10, 100, 1000

3.05.122 (9.4.2013)

  • When superdimming threshold is set to 100%, it becomes the only method of adjusting screen brightness. Makes brightness adjustments much smoother on some phones (SGS3, GNex 4, etc). Since this method is completely linear, using a brighter preset is recommended or the screen might become too dark.
  • Completely remove brightness window when disabling. Should fix problems with system brightness when VAB is disabled on some phones.
  • Fix graph presets so that graph adjustments at right edge behave normally
  • Fixed strange graph behaviour at graph edges
  • Added graph adjustment sensitivity setting for more precision with graph adjustments
  • Draw superdim threshold in graph (non-user-interactive for now)

3.00.118 (27.3.2013)

  • Fix device exclusions due to camera permission
  • Settings wizard no longer clears saved profiles
    • Settings wizard no longer starts multiple times on new installs
    • Fix sensitivity presets for settings wizard
  • S-curve graph no longer renders beyond graph boundaries
  • Updated translations: slovak

3.00.114 (24.3.2013)

  • Reduced smoothing intervals to reduce flickering on high-end phones
  • Graph period must not be set to 0 (if it's 0, it crashes)
  • Preliminary camera support. See XDA thread for more info

2.82.101 (15.2.2013)

  • Fix for app service disabling itself when a popup is active

2.81.101 (11.2.2013)

  • Custom app language selection
  • Excluded apps (will disable VAB when an excluded app is on top)
  • Super dimming: in addition to backlight also add a screen filter for deeper blacks
  • Separate setting for smoothing time when dimming
  • Android 2.1 & 2.2 compatibility fix (store will still never work below 2.3)

2.81.95 (9.2.2013)

  • Revert to 2.31.84 (13.1.2013) - before screen filter - to resolve some issues
  • All updates since 2.31.84 temporarily disabled
  • Will be added again as they are eliminated as possible causes for the issues detected

2.81.94 (9.2.2013)

  • Android 2.1 & 2.2 compatibility fix (store will still never work below 2.3)
  • Excluded apps list FC fix

2.81.92 (9.2.2013)

  • Fix excluded apps dialog (loads apps smoother)
  • Add superdim activation brightness check
  • Updated translations: persian, slovene

2.80.90 (2.2.2013)

  • Custom app language selection
  • Excluded apps (will disable VAB when an excluded app is on top)
  • Super dimming: in addition to backlight also add a screen filter for deeper blacks
  • Separate setting for smoothing time when dimming
  • Launcher widget 4 slots wide by default

2.31.82 (12.1.2013)

  • Much faster brightness graph rendering (less CPU usage on main screen)
  • Fixed smoothing "hiccups". Graph is now buttery smooth
  • Only use samples after screen-on
  • Add an s-curve graph to the presets
  • Updated translations: slovak, slovene

2.30.80 (6.1.2013)

  • Launcher widget
  • Fix graph adjustments at graph edges
  • Clear settings to default (when wizard starts)

2.20.76 (2.12.2012)

  • Fix for landscape
  • Fix for sensor getting stuck
  • Fix for brightness remaining even when service is disabled

2.20.74 (21.11.2012)

  • App will load custom translation strings (helps translators do their work, see app homepage for instructions)
  • Updated translations: norwegian, italian, slovene
  • Removed requirement for light sensor (will show app to sony xperia users)

2.20.72 (14.11.2012)

  • Settings wizard
  • Service will stop after a minute if auto brightness is disabled
  • Support for proprietary sensor solution on Sony Xperia
  • Better LTR language support
  • Updated translations: german, persian, slovak, spanish

2.01.64 (30.10.2012)

  • Added links to manual and changelog to app menu
  • Screen_on sensor override value (going from light to dark room)
  • Smoothing override setting (when light change is too big, it will just skip to new value)
  • Setting to update system brightness setting
  • Fix for proximity sensor action
  • Fix (hopefully) for graph remaining stuck at some reading
  • Better logging (long-press proximity reading values to set level 0 - 9)
  • Manual graph editing as text
  • Added display of changelog at program start
  • Updated translations: slovene, german
  • Added language: hungarian

2.00.61 (26.10.2012)

  • Fix for in-app billing
  • Updated translations: german

2.00.59 (26.10.2012) - XDA thread only

  • Tasker / locale support
  • In-app billing
  • Updated translations: slovene, german, spanish

 1.20.55 (22.10.2012)

  • A first feeble attempt to prevent service terminations at night
  • Better proximity sensor handling
  • Enabled proguard to make the apk smaller and the code a bit faster
  • Intermediate publish to prepare for tasker and in-app store
  • Added language: russian, japanese, polish
  • Updated translations: slovak, slovene

1.20.49 (15.10.2012)

  • Updated translations: french, norwegian, german
  • Remove strings that won't be used again
  • Fix "track light in graph" buttons appearing without modifying graph
  • Minor fix for about dialog
  • Added language: persian

1.20.46 (13.10.2012)

  • Updated translations for spanish and norwegian
  • Fixed some untranslated strings (new strings for translators)
  • Added about dialog to check current version
  • Applying graph point now eliminates close neighbours and duplicates
  • All new custom settings screen - should be more readable
  • Supported language: french

1.10.40 (9.10.2012)

  • Further optimizations to reduce battery consumption
  • No longer updating android brightness (was just a cosmetic which turned out to use lots of CPU)
  • Reduced last sensor value save interval to one minute to save even more battery
  • Supported languages: slovak, spanish, norwegian (classic and bokmÃ¥l)


1.10.37 (8.10.2012)

  • Reduced graph size in landscape mode so that it fits on screen
  • Supported languages: german, lithuanian

1.10.35 (7.10.2012)

  • StartSensors checks for screen off - eliminates sensor time when screen is off
  • Save current sensor value in case of service shutdown - load it when service restarts
  • Change System handler text to "Disable system handler". Previous meaning was just the opposite
  • Choosing a preset or profile now refreshes graph again
  • Supported language: italiano


1.10.34 (5.10.2012)

  • Sometimes in low light conditions brightness would drop to minimum without any apparent reason
  • Fix a situation when (un)plugging power won't immediately adjust brightness. 
  • Fix for service activation switch which didn't properly turn off system auto brightness.
  • Fixed class that required Android 2.3 - back to 2.1 support 
  • Translation support
  • Supported language: slovenian

1.10.32 (4.10.2012)

  • No more of no sensor reading
  • Change app description (again) to please competitor

1.10.31 (3.10.2012)

  • Battery usage fix. This should significantly reduce battery usage

1.10.26 (2.10.2012)

  • Fixed sensitivity threshold
  • Removed unnecessary calculations
  • Optimized moving average routine
  • Lower power consumption
  • Change app description to please competitor

1.10.24 (1.10.2012)

  • Fix FC at app first start
  • Fix averaging function

1.10.21 (1.10.2012)

  • Profiles (save the brightness graph under your own selected name)
  • Jitter control to prevent excessive brightness updates
  • Brightness smoothing to make the transitions smoother
  • Minor bug / functionality fixes

1.0.20 (30.9.2012)

  • initial Google play release

1.0.0 (12.8.2012)

  • development start